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Electric Images is a boutique Custom Development house that has been producing industrial software since the 'dark ages' of the Apple III and when MS-DOS was just a baby.

With a backgound in creating unique tools using unique technologies, Electric Images is a highly skilled software house which creates unusual solutions to challenging problems. By mixing custom hardware with custom software, solutions to previously unreachable problems have been overcome.

Electric Images provides a range of services, for further details.

Older News
17 May 2013ImageScalextric confirm InCar-Pro can be used on sublicensed chipssee Chip Upgrade page
Slot-It chips are now permitted to have the firmware upgraded with InCar-Pro.

2 August 2011ImageScalextric Digital Chip Upgrade - InCar-Pro releasedsee Chip Upgrade page
Public release of InCar-Pro firmware. Includes source code.

18 June 2010ImageScalextric PB-Pro and Upgrades page createdsee Upgrades page
Details on getting your PB6 and Pit-lane game upgraded to PB-Pro and Pit-Pro.

15 April 2010Scalextric Digital Car Controller updatedsee Digital Control page
Additional details on timing, functionality and Powerbase differences.

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