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Electric Images is a boutique Custom Development house that has been producing industrial software since the 'dark ages' of the Apple III and when MS-DOS was just a baby.

With a backgound in creating unique tools using unique technologies, Electric Images is a highly skilled software house which creates unusual solutions to challenging problems. By mixing custom hardware with custom software, solutions to previously unreachable problems have been overcome.

Electric Images provides a range of services, for further details.

Older News
17 May 2013ImageScalextric confirm InCar-Pro can be used on sublicensed chipssee Chip Upgrade page
Slot-It chips are now permitted to have the firmware upgraded with InCar-Pro.

2 August 2011ImageScalextric Digital Chip Upgrade - InCar-Pro releasedsee Chip Upgrade page
Public release of InCar-Pro firmware. Includes source code.

18 June 2010ImageScalextric PB-Pro and Upgrades page createdsee Upgrades page
Details on getting your PB6 and Pit-lane game upgraded to PB-Pro and Pit-Pro.

15 April 2010Scalextric Digital Car Controller updatedsee Digital Control page
Additional details on timing, functionality and Powerbase differences.

Ian Harding, Christchurch, New Zealand
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." - Rita Mae Brown